One of our most well-known and sought-after products is the Rapid Post. According to feedback from contractors and installers around the world – the Rapid Post was a game changer when launched, which continues to improve site safety and efficiency around the world.

The Rapid Post was the first tool-free compression post for edge protection, and in comparison, to the common drill and fix alternatives at the time, this changed everything. Not only does the Rapid Post offer quicker install times and reduced labour costs, with it almost being 10x faster to install than any other drill and fix systems, but it also removes the need to drill into, and therefore damage the structure, and removes the risks from silica dust and exposure to HAVS.

Rapid Compression Post

The Rapid Post offers the widest fixing centres on the market, meaning a reduction in components and fixing points, and unlike scaffolding, it requires no skilled labour to set up. Conforming to BS EN 13374:2013+A1.2018 Classes A & B and featuring a visual indicator to show correct installation, the Rapid Post is a go-to solution for edge protection in the industry.

The Rapid Post works seamlessly with the rest of the RAPID-EPS range, such as the Rapid Barrier; easy to install and durable – working in conjunction with all other Rapid products ensures a complete offering for any type of structure, whether that’s concrete, timber or steel.

Whilst our equipment is made here in the UK, our network of global partners means we offer local hire and sales support wherever you are.  Our systems have been ensuring site safety on projects across the world, from the construction of the Aldgate Apartments in London to the construction of Atlantis 2 in Dubai and the Well in downtown Toronto.

As we develop our services and global reach, one thing that will not change is our commitment to delivering the safest and most efficient products.  The protection of site workers and the public will always be at the forefront of our business.

You can find our more about our innovative Rapid Compression Post here.