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RAPID EPS Unit D Treefield Industrial Estate, Gelderd Road, Gildersome Leeds LS27 7JU

Innovation and Manufacturing

We design, develop, manufacture and test all of our British edge protection products here in Leeds, UK. 

The construction industry in Britain & worldwide is experiencing challenges on a scale not seen for generations.  Construction output is seeing a reduction under the strain of global supply issues, rising costs, labour shortages and low investor confidence.  In the current turbulent world, adding the right value is essential.

Here at Rapid-EPS, we are concentrating our efforts on the areas where we can contribute to our partners’ and customers’ success, particularly in innovation and UK manufacturing.  Our in-house capabilities based in Leeds, such as design, development, and manufacturing ensure that our partners and end-users continue to receive leading efficiency and safety at maximum value, whatever else is happening in the world.


Innovation is often driven by need, but in the case of safety systems & products for today’s construction sites, that means products that are not only safe but are quick to install, easy and efficient to store, handle and transport, and manufactured with sustainability and environmental considerations in mind.



Working together

In a fast-moving industry where speed and safety must always go hand-in-hand, taking a collaborative approach with our partners and customers to meet their needs and exceed global standards has become what’s expected from Rapid-EPS.


All of our design, manufacturing and testing processes for Rapid products take place under the same roof here in Leeds.  A core product in our range is the Rapid Post, the first of its kind in the UK market.  We’ve come a long way since the launch of this first innovative solution, but our design team always work with the longer term in mind, ensuring that any product we improve or launch is fully compatible with the rest of our product range to ensure everything works seamlessly together.


We invite all our customers and partners to share their challenges and ambitions for future projects.  That way, we learn and can tailor our offering to ensure maximum value because our customers’ and partners’ success, is our success.



At our recently upgraded training centre in Leeds, product training and training covering the standard for temporary edge protection systems, BSEN13374:2013+A1.2018 is available to all customers.

The level of training undertaken at the Rapid Centre will involve practical sessions including product installation and hazard identification and also theory session.

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