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RAPID EPS Unit D Treefield Industrial Estate, Gelderd Road, Gildersome Leeds LS27 7JU

Lift/Elevator Shaft Protection


Through using our Rapid Post, installation for lift shaft protection can be achieved in minutes. The system requires:

  • NO drilling or fixings.
  • Secure key activated locking gate.
  • Protection to multiple core openings with one Rapid Lift Shaft Gate.

Through utilising the Rapid Systems versatility, the unique Rapid Lift Shaft/Elevator Gate offers protection to multiple core openings with just one  Lift Shaft/Elevator Gate unlike any other system in the construction industry.

The light but extremely robust lift shaft protection system is designed with user-friendly components and features a secure key-activated locking gate. When paired with the Rapid Post and Panel, multiple Lift/Elevator shafts can be covered in just minutes. All without any penetration of the working surface.


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benefits of using Lift/Elevator Shaft Protection
  • As with all Rapid-EPS components, the Rapid Lift Shaft/ Elevator Gate has been certificated by Lloyds British in line with BS EN 13374:2013+A1.2018.
  • Using standard Rapid-EPS components with a Rapid Lift Shaft/Elevator Gate, a secure compound can be built to protect valuables and control access.
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Installation Guide

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Updated : 17/06/2022


At our recently upgraded training centre in Leeds, product training and training covering the standard for temporary edge protection systems, BSEN13374:2013+A1.2018 is available to all customers.

The level of training undertaken at the Rapid Centre will involve practical sessions including product installation and hazard identification and also theory session.

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