In the Project Scotland magazine the project manager for Graham Construction had this to say about Beaver 84 and Rapid-EPS.

“We looked at various products but Beaver offered the best solution, because of the versatility, and their service levels are first class. The edge protection is versatile in so much as we can almost do anything we want with it; we can fix it to the edge of the structure, we can fix it on top of the structure, there are methods of fixing it under the structure and coming up the side. It’s versatile on concrete, on steel and timber so we have no great challenges there. “The panels themselves are versatile. They’re very quickly erected and dismantled and it’s a practical and visually attractive system. In addition to the onsite support from Beaver they also provide us with an Edge Protection Federation accredited training course ensuring operatives are suitably trained in the selection, installation and inspection of edge protection.” Halliday said the flexibility of product is a huge plus on a building that is a combination of steel and concrete. “We didn’t want to mix and match different edge protection systems,” he added. “The safety advantage of the Beaver product is that it’s a strong product on a bespoke bracket and tested beyond the requirements laid down in BSEN 13374. The panels are lightweight, user friendly and robust and are easily handled by one person.”