Work is nearing completion on the Harris Academy project in Tottenham London. Once again Rapid EPS receives flawless testimonies by Farrans on their revolutionary edge protection.

Here’s what they had to say

“The telescopic post is key to the phenomenal speed of installation that led to the ‘Rapid’ name. Up to 10 times faster than existing drill & fix solutions with typically 20 metres erected in under 10 minutes.”

“Highly intuitive to use.”

 “The Barriers are incredibly light but robust.”

“Training only involved three steps and a unique safety latch gives construction workers unmistakable visual confirmation that installation is correct.”

“Costs and saving were made as there was no need for scaffolding to be erected, therefore no costs for temporary works design, scaffold hire or inspection.”

“The Rapid EPS is a fast and easy to assemble yet fully compliant with BSEN- 13374:2013

One of the key benefits of RAPID’S system is that barriers can be installed safely at ground level, thus reducing the risks of work at height, as that edge protection is immediately I place.
This process requires no secondary fix: the standard edge protection system is both robust and versatile enough for complete confidence when lifting and landing at height.

Beaver 84 provided amazing services with Field Engineer Andy Newton making sure everything has run exceptional well from the outset and throughout.
Many thanks to Stephen Beattie for providing us with the testimonial.

Stephen is competing in the London Triathlon Sprint on 22nd July with team Gordon Ramsay for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity.
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