The Inspiring Story of Rapid-EPS’s Journey to Success

Rapid-EPS’s journey to success is an inspiring story, as the business overcame numerous obstacles and setbacks to achieve their long-term goals. Through hard times and years of innovation in manufacturing, they persevered and remained determined to succeed. It’s a testament to the resilience of its CEO and the importance of never giving up on your dreams. Rapid-EPS’s story is a reminder that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Established in 1964, during the decline of UK manufacturing, Ken Brine, aged 44, took the leap and set up his factory in the West Yorkshire town of Morley. This would be the home of Bringate, specialising bakery parts for ovens, provers and coolers and, in general, Sheet Metal Fabrication.
In 1975, after leaving school, Dave Brine, the son of Ken, would follow in his father’s footsteps and join the proud family’s manufacturing business. Back then, most business was done in the pub, and Ken would often get drawings from customers at lunch or draw ideas on the back of cigarette packets, where engineered prototypes would be brought to life the next day.

In 1982, manufacturing was struggling in the UK. There was very little investment, and further devastation hit the Brine family; Ken Brine was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and after several months, in October 1982, he lost his fight.

Dave, at 22, was left to take control of the business alongside his mother, who did all the accounts. Dave helped the company grow from strength to strength during this challenging time. Bringing in new business, he was now busily manufacturing bakery parts for ovens, provers and coolers, conveyors, road haulage equipment, stainless steel industrial washing machine, diary and soft drink industries.

In 2002, Bringate was asked to manufacture temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers for the building and events industry, growing the company and now thriving with 110 employees. This led Bringate into the construction industry, where the company is now known as Rapid-EPS!! Currently innovating, developing and supplying sustainable edge protection products globally to some of the largest companies in the construction and groundworks industry. This was always the long-term goal for Dave Brine and the company to manufacture for a global market, which now distributes and manufactures world-leading edge protection systems for the UK, European, Australian, Canadian, American and Middle Eastern markets.

The brand has grown in reputation for its innovation, quality and reliability and is proudly still manufacturing and trading from West Yorkshire, Morley today.

In memory of Ken Brine, Rapid-EPS are avid supporters of the Macmillan Charity. Keep an eye out for our next event; these are hosted throughout the year to raise as much money as possible to help fund the fantastic Macmillan nurses.