Buy direct, or hire from our global hire partners.

To support our customer’s needs for sustainable and durable safety products, our strategic approach is to design, manufacture and sell directly to the end-user, with hire offered via reputable partners around the globe.

We’ve helped contractors globally to deliver iconic buildings, green neighbourhood environments and infrastructure projects, taking a collaborative approach to ensure safe working at height.  The most important objective for us is people’s safety.


Sustainability is key.

Given the environmental challenges our planet is facing, we have made a commitment to bold action to ensure our manufacturing has a focus on sustainability, from the production and movement of materials to our supply chain and the fabrication of finished products.

British-made, sustainable innovation for speed and durability are cornerstones upon which we have built our company. We never stop listening to our customers to ensure we provide the solutions for project success.


Buy direct from Rapid-EPS and hire from our partners.

By partnering with some of the world’s largest construction equipment providers, we ensure options to suit your needs – wherever you are.

Our high-quality products can easily be purchased from us directly, or you can hire from one of our partners. Our Edge Protection range is built for safety, durability and speed, and all of our products are designed to work seamlessly together.

Here’s an overview of our product range.  All products are built for safety, durability and speed, all designed to work seamlessly together.


Compression Post – Allows for single, double, or full height containment.

Barriers – Different sizes of standard and lite barriers.

Telescopic Guard Rails – Additional layer of protection for when barriers are removed to gain access.

Staircase solutions – Protection to all configurations of staircases.

Lift/Elevator Shaft Protection – Quick and easy full-height protection to core openings.

Bay Safe Systems – Effective loading bay safety gates.

Rapid Safety Net – Safety net fan, or debris fall arrest fans, protects workers and the public from falling objects.

Accessories – Various accessories to complement our systems.


All products suit the Concrete,  Steel, Timber and Groundworks industries.


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