Do you know the HAZARDS of Drilling concrete?

Over time, silica dust can build up in the lungs and breathing passages which can make it difficult to breathe and could result in the disease known as Silicosis!

The Rapid Post system does not require any drilling of the concrete slab. This removes any possible exposure to harmful silica dust which can be produced when the concrete slab is disturbed.

A time served and proven world leading temporary edge protection system.

The most innovative and efficient compression post system available to the industry.

The unrivalled 2.7m fixing centres reduces manual handling due to the reduction in the number of components needed for protecting a leading edge. Installation time is ten times faster than traditional drill and fix solutions which in turn reduces operative exposure to the leading edges of the building.

Further to the “no drilling benefits”, installation and dismantling of the system does not require the use of any tools.

No tools, no drilling so reducing exposure to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome – HAVS.

  • Reducing manual handling
  • Reducing exposure to leading edge activity
  • Reducing exposure to HAVS
  • Reducing exposure to silica dust

Rapid EPS: Reducing Risk- Increasing Safety.

Constantly investing in safety to make construction sites safer globally!