The HSE has launched a nationwide inspection campaign this week, targeting construction workers’ lung health. The DUST KILLS campaign provides free advice to businesses and workers on the control measure required to prevent exposure to dust.

Whilst we know that sometimes there is no alternative but to install a drill and fix edge protection solutions, here at Rapid-EPS, we have spent years innovating solutions that eliminate the need where possible.

The idea initially started when designing our Rapid Compression Post. Rapid-EPS wanted to help reduce the average time a construction worker took to install proprietary edge protection, to make the installation as simple and safe as possible whilst eliminating the need for drilling and fixings, reducing the overall risk of harmful Silica dust.

The tool-free Rapid Compression Post was then cleverly engineered, and it soon became a default safety solution for contractors worldwide.

Rapid didn’t stop there. Our customers challenged our in-house design team to engineer various complementary accessories and alternative solutions incorporating the no-drill method. We went on to develop the growing list of products you see in our catalogues today.

Our popular Rapid Lift Shaft Gate offers the ultimate protection to core openings, with the capability to help solve many other on-site problems like securing off floors or creating secure compounds to protect valuables and control access.

For stair protection solutions, the Rapid Stair Rail Connector Bracket can be quickly installed on any Rapid Post situated on a landing to provide Handrails when speed is a necessity.

Our clever Rapid Loading Bay System has the ability to be installed and fixed in multiple situations. With attachments that make it compatible with Rapid Post and Barrier, this ensures a quick and safe installation without any drilling required.

Docking Bay EPS is one of newest and most popular ways to secure the docking bay during the construction phase. Simple easy and safe.

Rapid has various drill free installation options when it comes to securing the temporary edge on balconies, if installation of the Rapid Post isn’t suitable the Rapid Slab Grab is also a quick easy installation option.

Wingwall EPS can utilise the Rapid Barrier which reduces the amount of panels needed due to Barrier having the widest fixing centres on the market.

Rapid-EPS works closely with customers; together, we have developed many new ideas. The HSE campaign helps create awareness of why we continue innovating Edge Protection Systems. As we build higher and construction industry becomes faster-paced, Rapid will continue to develop safe, efficient, rapid solutions for you.

From the Rapid Team –

“We would like to Thank You for buying British and supporting our UK manufacturing  facility.

By buying from us, you are helping to boost our economy and help support British jobs. You can trust that everything that leaves our facility is a well-engineered product designed to high European standards (Inc Other Global standards). Our environmental goals are at the forefront of our buying and manufacturing processes. You can be assured when buying from us we are doing all we can to contribute positively towards combatting climate change by lowering our carbon footprint. Everything manufactured at Rapid-EPS has a full traceability record”.

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