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Trenching / Shoring

Protect work personnel from open excavations and falling debris.

•Trenchguard conforms to the latest temporary edge protection Legislation OSHA 1926.502 and BS EN 13374.
•Trenchguard has a built in toe board to prevent debris from falling onto operatives working below.
•Fits all types of trench sheets and piles.
•Lightweight for ease of use by site operatives and quick installation when used in conjunction with post and clamps.


Collapsible Ladder Platform

•Manufactured from steel with powder coated finish.
•Specially designed for backhoe type boxes and sheeted trenches.
•Cantilevered platform enables safe side entry on to ladder.
•Standard pole ladder fits directly onto the unit and locked in place by 2 ladder clamps.
•Adjustable clamps fit directly onto a trench box or sheets (2 sheet clamps and 2 box clamps supplied with platform).
•Adjustable front legs for ease of levelling. 
•Collapsible sides and gate for ease of storage.
•Weight 110kg.