Rapid Scaffold Gate

Benefits and Features

  • Manufactured in Britain

  • Made from high grade steel for strength and durability.

  • Quality Powder coating finish.

  • Compatible with traditional scaffold and many other systems currently on the market.

  • Lightweight for easy transportation.

  • 600x250mm panel for branding.

  • Strong spring for self-closing, creating a secure ladder opening.

“Rapid EPS have made huge improvements to many of the products currently utilised in the scaffolding industry. I would recommend their ladder gates, trap doors and loading bay gates, and testify to the increased quality over what is currently available in the market. Their in-house design and engineering team are another benefit of using Rapid EPS when looking to fabricate a bespoke product.”

Peter Ferris - Commercial Director
Allied Scaffolding



Slab Grab Installation Animation

Rapid Scaffold Gate
PRODUCT  CODE   SC001         WEIGHT    13kg/28.5lbs