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Rapid Net

The most robust and user friendly net system available today.

The Rapid Net is the chosen solution by contractors worldwide. Erected around their building perimeter to prevent the the escape of materials and the risk of persons falling from height. The Rapid net not only protects the site staff working on the building but also to the public below from any potential falling debris.

The system comprises of two nets, the first a Fall Arrest Standard net with a 70 x 70mm mesh, the second being a Debris Net overlay made of 20 x 20mm mesh. The net has been proven to arrest 2 x falls of 100kgs from a height of 7m, surpassing BSEN1263 – 1&2 (Safety Nets).



The Rapid Net has been fully tested by Lloyds British in accordance with BS EN 1263 and ANSI A10-11.


»Tested with 2 x 100kg weight drops from 7 m (Exceeding British Standard)

»Lloyds certificate tested

»No tower crane after 1st lift

»Electric hoist required for use by installer after first lift 

»Lifespan of Rapid- net is 5 years

»Net rated to 5.1kj


»Saving on labour/installation costs 

»No use of site crane after first lift (If lifted with hoist)

»Extended life expectancy