Leeds, UK – August 14, 2017 – Rapid-EPS is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Aluma Systems North American Forming and Shoring that will expand its engineered edge protection product line throughout the USA. Aluma Systems is the exclusive distribution partner for the Rapid edge protection system in the United States.

Sol Solomou, President of Americas’ Forming and Shoring for Aluma Systems,
“We believe that a strong partnership between Rapid-EPS and Aluma will add value to our customer base. Engineered edge protection systems are increasingly recognised by the construction industry as a cost-effective means to improve job site safety. Combining Rapid-EPS edge protection with commercial access, forming and shoring products and labour services, Aluma will be able to offer even more comprehensive and complete solutions to our customer base.”

“Rapid-EPS and Aluma Systems values are closely aligned.”

Rapid-EPS Chairman David Brine.
“We are excited to enter into this agreement with the leading commercial access, forming and shoring company in the United States. Working together we will be able to provide the highest quality and most cost- effective edge protection on jobsites across the United States.”

About Aluma Systems

Aluma Systems North American Forming & Shoring, a BrandSafway company, has been providing speciality services to the commercial and civil markets since 1972. Aluma revolutionized the industry by introducing high-grade aluminium forming and shoring components to replace the expensive and heavy steel equipment previously used. With four decades of experience in more than 50 countries, Aluma improves the quality and speed of construction globally, from high-rise towers, dams and stadiums to bridges, transit systems, and water treatment plants.
For more information about Aluma Systems, visit: www.alumasystems.com.

About BrandSafway

With a commitment to safety as its foremost value, BrandSafway provides the broadest range of services, products and solutions – with the greatest depth of expertise – to the industrial, commercial and infrastructure end markets. BrandSafway has nearly $5 billion in revenue, approximately 32,000 employees worldwide and over 350 locations in 30 countries. With its global footprint, comprehensive service offerings and rigorous operating processes, BrandSafway supports customers’ maintenance, turnaround and refurbishment needs as well as new construction, capital-driven upgrades and expansion plans. Today’s BrandSafway – large enough to leverage economies of scale and increase safety and productivity, while also nimble and responsive – delivering unmatched service with local labor and management.
For more information about BrandSafway, visit: www.brandsafway.com.