Unlike any other system to the construction industry, the unique Lift Shaft/Elevator Gate offers protection to multiple core openings with just one Lift Shaft/Elevator Gate.

The solution is light, but extremely robust. Its designed with user-friendly components and features a secure key activated locking gate. Standard Rapid-EPS components such as the innovative Rapid Post and Panel are utilised when completely securing the protected areas and with no need for any penetration of the working surface, multiple Lift/Elevator shafts are protected in just minutes.

As with all Rapid-EPS components the Rapid Lift Shaft/ Elevator Gate has been certificated by Lloyds British in line with BS EN 13374:2013.

Using standard Rapid-EPS components, in conjunction with a Rapid Lift Shaft/Elevator Gate, a secure compound can be built to protect valuables and control access.