On October 10 2018, the USA was hit with the Hurricane Michael. It was the third most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the United States in terms of pressure. This was just behind the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane and Hurricane Camille of 1969. It was the strongest storm in terms of maximum wind speed to strike the contiguous United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Approaching the Florida Panhandle, Hurricane Michael attained peak winds of 155mph (250kmph) as it made its landfall near Mexico Beach Florida, becoming the first to do so in the region as a category 4 hurricane, and making landfall as the strongest storm of the season.

Our Rapid Systems have been wind tested to BS EN13374:2018 Class A & Class B and are subject to various other tests before they are manufactured for site. But how do you prepare a system for Hurricane Michael, almost a CAT 5 storm with high winds?

American distributors Aluma Systems EEPS was installed on a project located in Panama City Beach Florida, a hard-hit area by Hurricane Michael. Upon visiting the site after the Hurricane, the client was delighted to have used the system as not one Rapid Panel or Rapid Post was lost and materials that became lose from the copious amount or rainfall and high winds were still contained.

The Class A & B Rapid Post and Panels not only meet but exceed test requirements set out by the BS EN 13374:2013. Every post and panel are tested before they leave the Rapid manufacturing and testing facility in Leeds, UK.

Don’t compromise on your site safety.