Containment Systems are used in construction work, primarily to prevent persons and objects from falling to a lower level from edges and other areas where protection is required. This is an ideal solution when working in busy city centres with high pedestrian traffic. Containment is becoming more popular as it gives the ultimate safer work zone.

In addition to meeting the static load requirements for a Class A system, the Rapid EPS Containment System is engineered to withstand kinetic energy of 200J anywhere along the protection.

Like all Rapid EPS products, the Containment System has been tested by Rapid EPS and Lloyds British and exceeds all test requirements laid down in the British and European Standards.

With the Rapid Panel integrated toeboard, we can offer new branding opportunities for our clients.

The Rapid System has been engineered with efficiency and versatility in mind offering the widest fixing centres on the market of 2.7m.

A sustainable product that is strong and easy to install requiring no tools and will never end its life in landfill.

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