Rapid EPS is pleased to announce that our UK Distributor, Beaver 84 has been the subject of an informative article published in The Sunday Times on Sunday 27th March, detailing the successful growth of the company from its establishment in 1984 to where it stands today.

Due to the successful partnership of Rapid EPS with Beaver 84, we were also mentioned in the article, our solutions having become an ever expanding product line for Beaver 84.

Below is an excerpt from the article seen in ‘The Future of Construction’ published by Raconteur Media on Sunday 27th March in The Sunday Times.

Beaver 84 has strengthened its brand and diversified to thrive despite the recent recession.

Away from the entertainment and event sectors, another growth area for Beaver 84 is its Edge Protection Solutions division, vital for construction industry site safety and protecting those working at height. Two years ago the company bought into the Rapid-EPS system, one of the most effective edge protection systems, quicker to erect than conventional drill and bit systems, and requiring no tools or drilling.

“Initially, we were expecting it to generate a modest turnover,” says Mr Tysoe. “But once we got into the market, we realised it opened many more markets. There are strict health and safety laws for building in concrete, timber or steel, and the correct safety products have to be in place before anyone is allowed to work at that level. We are also the sole UK distributor of that product.”