Rapid Cast-Wall Anchor (Patent Pending)


Versatile – Only one anchor required.
Higher load capacity of the Rapid Cast-In Wall Anchor means it can be used with horizontal cable for multiple anchorages, as well as for single worker hook-ups.
Eliminates the need to stock multiple types of products. Ensures the right product is available when you need it.
Heavy duty
All steel body is resistant to breakage.
Reduces the likelihood of injury due to unsafe practices.
Safer… Provides more security.
Rapid Cast-In Wall Anchor can be positioned where you want it.
Reduces chance of unsafe installation.
No slings, ladder or special requirements.
Workers can always be tethered without being put at risk.
Significantly stronger than traditional tether straps.
Designed to prevent abrasion, which increases the life expectancy of the operatives PFPE.

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