About Rapid EPS

concrete edge protection system


Rapid-EPS vision is clear, to create quality safety products that are specially designed and engineered to help protect those working at height by bringing new innovations to the market. To help reduce the worldwide statistic of construction workers falling from height’s year on year. Creating fast reliable systems, that are easily accessible through our worldwide distribution chain. A zero waste to landfill solution.


Rapid is the speed in which our system can be installed. Our colours represent our proud British manufacturing background dating back from 1968 to the present day. EPS is what we know and love creating and innovating new Edge Protection solutions for the construction industry. Our Bold brand matches our Rapid values, visions, beliefs and our work.


Rapid-EPS has a wealth of expertise in manufacturing fall protection for the concrete, steel, structural timber frame industries. Offering the most efficient edge protection systems available to the construction industry today. Our In-house design, research testing & development department, means we are uniquely capable of designing all new products or working with customers existing range of products to achieve quality bespoke solutions. Rapids work doesn’t stop there, Formwork, Trenching, Stair, Nets and Lift Shaft systems are also manufactured and distributed worldwide with global endorsements from leading construction contractors.
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Rapid are a team of like-minded individuals that is growing rapidly because of our joint vision for innovating new ideas. We have a creative team, drawing, planning, manufacturing and marketing new ideas daily. Our newest member of our team giving our hardworking production team a hand is our Robot #nameourrobot, it is capable of manufacturing 3000 linear metres of panel per week.


Rapid-EPS believes if companies like ours put the time and resources into innovating solutions and educating the industry, we can make a difference to construction site safety. We push the boundaries to not only meet but exceed global safety standards. “Lets make sure that the only thing falling, is the falls from height statistic” Chairman Dave Brine