Rapid-EPS are an award-winning manufacturing company. Engineering world-leading edge protection for the construction industry creating sustainable products such as the Rapid Compression Post.

How did the Rapid-Post first come about?

After many years of listening to the needs of contractors and installers worldwide, the Rapid Post was created and rapidly became a system recognised globally for its sheer performance. Rapid-EPS developed something unique and revolutionised the way we install edge protection today.

How does it differ from other Edge Protection systems?

The tool-free compression post has been designed for easy, quick installation. When recently tested against other systems, the speed in which the Rapid Post and Panel can be installed was significantly quicker, almost 10x faster than drill and fix systems.

Why is the system quicker?

The unique Rapid Panel offers the widest fixing centres on the market. What does that mean for you? It means more panels can be installed in a shorter amount of time, fewer components to install creating further time and cost savings. Unlike scaffolding, the Rapid Post and Panel system requires no skilled labour and when asked, clients and installers have given the system the green light.

Does it meet the safety standard?

Standards are a priority. The system has no problems with meeting and exceeding BSEN 13374:2013+A1:2018 for Class A and B, confidently meeting the standard for floor to ceiling containment which is becoming more of a demand on site for meeting health and safety requirements.

Where can I hire the Rapid Post system?

The answer is through our worldwide hire distributors, the system is available at the touch of a button.
Alternatively, call Rapid-EPS on +44 (0)1132 528883


Rapid-EPS has a clear focus on engineering sustainable products.
Products that provide safety while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal. Helping the future of the construction industry! When you use or switch to the Rapid system you can be confident in knowing the products you use will never end its life in landfill. The products are reused and repaired. Find our sustainable engineering promise on page 2 of our brochure. Environmental awareness is key to our success and is annually audited to meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

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