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Steel Structures

The widest edge protection barriers on the market, install onto steel beams at ground level for immediate ‘working at height’ protection

Standard and increased height temporary edge protection for steel structures

Beams dressed with the Rapid EPS system at ground level are safe to lift and install as a unit. Once installed the Steel Frame System allows the barrier to be positioned at a height suitable to the installation of decking and edge trim.

  • The most efficient edge protection system on the market, offering the widest fixing centres at 2.7m, leading to fewer components and vastly reducing installation time
  • Single, double or full height edge protection for total enclosure
  • Edge protection barriers in three sizes: full (2900mm), half (1400mm) and quarter (1075mm)
    Barriers are incredibly light but robust, allowing edge protection for leading edge, internal voids and lift shafts
  • Only two main components (post and barrier) for easy management on site
  • Flexible components allowing simple indexing to suit variable slab detail

RAPIDs Steel Edge Protection System uses Four attachments:

Webfix Bracket: incremental indexing facility to cater for overhangs in excess of 900mm.

I –Beam Clamp: Single fixing and able to be fitted to any hot rolled beam or column with horizontal clearance to cope with virtually all slab overhangs on undrilled fabricated steel work, see video above.

Sacrificial sockets: Supplied by others, to work in conjunction with standard Steel Frame System. Technical information on request. Please get in touch with one of our experts via our Contact Page.

Square and rectangular hollow section solutions

Technical information on request. Please get in touch with one of our experts via our Contact Page.

Other Product Videos


Web fix bracket (with four fixings using face mounting plate)


I-Beam Clamp